Show 001 – The Master of a “1001” Podcasts

Welcome to the Mastermind Wrestling Podcast.  We are a bi-weekly show that brings you news, rumors, and predictions about professional wrestling as well as some news on your local wrestling promotions.  In our first episode we kind of explain who the hell we are and what you can expect as well as listen as the Mastermind makes some Wrestlemania predictions.

Show Notes

  1. Opening
    1. Introduction
    2. Purpose and Intention of podcast – Give Listener an overview
      1. Reviewing current WWE product
      2. Have segments focusing on other parts of wrestling
        1. Interview
        2. Classic Wrestling
        3. WWE Network
        4. NXT
        5. Trivia for prizes or Stump the Mastermind
      3. Stressing the importance of supporting your local wrestling
        1. Put plug for Tennessee Promotion Here – Patrick
  2. State of Pro-wrestling
    1. Roman Reigns and HHH
      1. Dean Ambrose involvement and what the means for Brock and the rest of the participants – Make sure to mention we are recording right as Roadblock is on live.
    2. AJ Styles and Y2J
      1. Heading towards WrestleMania Match
    3. The Triple Threat Match Woman’s Title
      1. Stress how well they did in NXT last year.
      2. Stress how the WWE cannot mess this up
        1. With their stress on the Woman’s division this has to knock it out of the park and be given time to develop
    4. Owens and Zayn
      1. Prediction from test show
        1. We can play audio from test show – not totally necessary
      2. Proud that WWE is going with this due to the fude starting in NXT
      3. Mention that they might make it a 4 way and how awlful that would be and would show that WWE does not have faith in Owens and Zayn
    5. Shane and Taker
      1. This might be left for the rant where you can comment after I am done.
    6. NXT
      1. Quick talk about title match between Joe and Bailor
  3. Off the Rails – Civil War Trailer
    1. Short and Sweet.
  4. Mastermind Rant and Closing
    1. I have a rant.  Taker and shane talk will be in seg 2.


If you have any questions about the show or would like to try and STUMP THE MASTERMIND you can email us at: or use the Contact Us form on this site and he will answer them on the next show.

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