This week on the Mastermind Wrestling Podcast we say welcome to the draft era 2.0.  Mastermind, Paul, and your boy Ron Jovi discuss what bringing the draft back means for WWE as well as make some guesses about who ends up where and stick around as the Mastermind prays his daily devotional prayer!

On this extra special episode of The Mastermind get’s tag teamed by the Badboy Shane Andrews and the Rowdy Redhead Jessie Belle Smothers in an exclusive interview with 2/3rds of the Badboy’s Club.  So join us as they discuss how it all started for them and share some great stories from the road.

On this episode of The Mastermind Podcast, Paul and the Mastermind discuss their takeaways after Payback 2016 and the recent departures from WWE.  Later they discuss the great matches of War Games and then things take a turn for the Adult as they discuss the many different woman who have been romantically linked to CM Punk.  Plus the Mastermind drops a major bomb about the future of the Podcast.  Don’t Miss It!